Craftsmen prefer to let their skills do the talking. Good work is the best guarantee for good work. Here’s a selection of projects that should tell you what we’re capable of.

Who we are

Craftbrothers offers craftsmanship in communication to brands that offer craftsmanship in their products. Brands with a true and unique story, based on passion and dedication. Craftbrothers tells these stories for well-known companies and companies that want to become well-known. Inspiring people to get acquainted or to take them into their heart.


Why Craftbrothers

Beers of small breweries are taking over supermarket shelves. Artisanal coffee roasters have become an important part of city life. Why? Because consumers increasingly demand real products, made by authentic brands. Brands that were started by people who are truly committed to what they offer.

However, being successul requires more than love, attention and craftsmanship. It requires a gripping narrative, well told on all available channels. Craftbrothers makes sure that your story gets the care and attention it deserves. Using our skills to promote your skills.


How we work

Craftbrothers offers you a team of experienced strategists, creatives, designers and producers. Passionate people who have each spent over a decade in marketing and advertising, working for a variety of brands and honing their skills in the process. They will translate your brand’s story into communication that gets people moving. Our creators are allround, but often have a soft spot for brand activation.


Our approach

We want to be able to focus on our work. Therefore we are very open about our approach and our fees. Our service is based on three ’pijlers’: thinking, creating, producing. These can be used in combination or separately. No matter what you decide on, we always work with an agreed fee so you always know what to expect.



Together with you we analyse the brand or the briefing. What’s the story behind it? Or what’s the question behind the job? What are the strong points/assets? What makes your story unique? How do we get people to act? The results of all our thinking are put into a clear cut debrief or a practical brand guide.



Craftbrothers translates your brand story into at least two different creative ideas. Concepts which can be used as the backbone of your campaign and fit your brand and your goals. Once chosen, an idea will be the starting point for each piece of creative work, no matter what channel it will be used for.



At Craftbrothers we believe in craftsmanship. Therefore we also believe in actually making things, rather than just coming up with ideas on how to make them. This means that our crew of experienced graphic artists, photographers, writers, film makers and production specialists will put all of their craftsmanship into telling your brand’s story. From shooting inspiring video footage to working on the tiniest typographic details.


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


Big brands or very small ones, international, regional and popular companies or totally unknown ones, we’ve worked for them all. Here’s a summary of some of the projects we did for them and which we still remember fondly today.