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  • Kevin Peteron- Church-Header

    Realistic Paintings of Children and Animals Exploring Urban Remains by Kevin Peterson

    Kevin Peterson paint detailed tableaux of young children and animals juxtaposed against dystopian urban environments. Solo kids, accompanied only by wild allies of polar bears, lions, and raccoons, are at the center of each painting surrounded by abandoned, decaying buildings. He shares his paintings on Instagram.

  • watercolor-marija-tiurina

    A Giant Bosch-Inspired Watercolor by Marija Tiurina

    Marija Tiurina‘s fantastical watercolor painting Eden is her biggest to date, measuring approximately 30 x 10 inches. The scene captures a woman kneeling amongst the inhabitants of a mythological forest, trapped within a busy scene that contains everything from an animated ramen bowl to an eel snaking its way through the center of her torso.…